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photo of the  Statue of Amenhotep III by John Hunter

Colossal Statue of Amenhotep III Reinscribed by Merneptah, 1390–1353 B.C.. The statue is from Thebes, Luxor, in the Temple of Amun.

The Temple of Dendur, in the background, was built during the reign of Augustus Caesar in the Roman period.

The room in the Metropolitan museum is quite excellent with a huge window looking into Central Park.

See more photos of my visit to the Met. And more photos around NYC. And photos from my trip to Egypt.

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photo of Egyptian Hieroglyph carving

Egyptian Hieroglyphs at the Met in New York City

From the Met’s Egyptian collection.

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Statue of King Mankaure and his Queen (Ancient Egypt)

Statue of King Mankaure (also know as Mycerimus) and his queen (probably Kha_merer-nebty II) from the great Ancient Egyptian art collection at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

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Egyptian Geese

Geese for sale in Egypt – outside of Cairo. See more photos from my trip to Egypt.

Egyptian Geese for Sale