6 thoughts on “Statue of King Mankaure and His Queen (Egypt)

  1. michelle

    So pretty. There are several museums over here but we haven’t gotten to go to many because it would bore the little ones silly. We should go on a date night.

  2. Leon

    I see this stattue, as the most accurate manifestation of mankind, as I think, is represented, in this stattue, ONE person.

    The woman stands on the left side of the man, holding, with her left hand, the left arm of the man, with her right arm, holding his right side, both left foot forward. I think it represents the most accurate representation of the “God idea” where, in our body, our left side is female and our right side is male. It, I think, also repesents ‘birth’ and ‘existance’. A woman gifes birth and makes sure of ongoing existence. The only thing that is not representated, is that God is the surviver of cycles and cannot therefor be representated. Therefor I think this is the most accurate “human” repesentation of God. It is why I think, our hart is on our left side, and God ‘knows’ that man is good. Ofcourse, we all dance around in a ring and suppose, while truth is in the middle..

    and knows.

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