Fun With Lights

The camera recorded a distorted image on this night time shot and so I played with them a bit. I think what happened is interesting and resulted in neat photos.

Long view of Johor Bahru-Singapore nights cape

This is a more accurate depiction of what I saw but isn’t as interesting as the distortions – to me.

cool image created by distorting image capture of light

Close up of the distorted image capture. It is interesting all the detail it puts in. They look almost like cells through a microscope.

close up view of distorted image of lights

The bright orange light is burning off natural gas (at I assume a refinery), I believe, in Singapore. The fire is probably over 30 km from my vantage point, in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

close up of burning gas

This photo is starting to show the camera having issues with recording the scene. Taking that to an extreme resulted in the interesting photos.

lights over Singapore

The burning natural gas shows up as the bright orange circle at the top of the distorted image.

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