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Photo of my family at a campsite in Kenya with our VW Van

This is a photo (by my father) of my early experience with vanlife. My family took this VW Van in Kenya when I was a kid. We only spent a couple weeks in Kenya before living in Nigeria for a school year.

I remember at one point getting stuck in a dried out riverbed in a game park after having passed a small herd of elephants just a short while before. We had to get out and push the van free and watch it zoom forward to safe ground while I thought about the elephants getting curios and deciding to see what the fuss was about. It was quite fun once I was back in the van.

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Elephants in Kenya

Elephants at the Ark, Aberdares National Park, Kenya. A watering hole and salt lick draw in animals for very close viewing. Later in the night a pack of lions stalked a water buffalo.

Cheetahs in Kenya

4 cheetahs in Kenya by John Hunter. My photo safari to Kenya was absolutely fantastic. I also visited Egypt on that vacation.