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photo of a Fire rainbow

See my post on the Curious Cat Travel Destination blog with details of circumhorizontal arcs and more details on the circumstances.

View of Glacier National Park, from Bears Hump Trail

Looking south into Glacier National park from the top of Bear’s Hump trail, Waterton International Peace Park. The view is incredible.

This photos is from a magical day during my visit to Glacier-Waterton National parks. I started with a great ranger led hike to Iceberg Lake (I kept waiting for good weather which we finally got). Then I drove up to Waterton International Peace Park in Canada. The scenery at several overlooks on that drive were amazing. I then hiked the Bear’s Hump trail and stayed at the Prince of Wales Hotel which was quite nice.

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photo of water buffaloes in Cambodia

Details on my visits to locations in Cambodia.

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photo of hillside and refection in water

Photo by Bill Hunter during our travels as a family. This might be Norway or Germany, I am not sure which.

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photo of beach and ocean at Huntington Beach State Park
The beach at Huntington Beach State Park, South Carolina.

ruins of a building in a cypress swamp.

Facade of an old building in the cypress swamp in Cypress Gardens, South Carolina. You can rent canoes to boat through the swamp: I recommend it. See a view of the ruins of the side of the building.

view of the Great Salt Lake

Photo from Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake.

Waterfall, Swiftcurrent Lake

Waterfall, Swiftcurrent Lake. Glacier National Park

Swiftcurrent Lake trail in the Many Glaciers area of Glacier National Park by John Hunter.

photo of Waterfall

Waterfall on the Mount Timpanogos Trail, Utah.

photo of a waterfall in Mount Rainier National Park

Waterfall on a hiking trail in Mount Rainier National Park in Washington state.