Curious Cat Travel Photo Blog Wed, 11 Aug 2021 15:44:06 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Sail Boat, Guilin, China, 1982 Wed, 11 Aug 2021 15:44:06 +0000 Sail boat on river, Guilin, China, 1982

Photo of boat in Guilin, China by Bill Hunter, 1982 (see more photos by Bill Hunter).

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Horse Drawn Delivery Truck, Europe, 1960s Sat, 29 May 2021 16:29:53 +0000 Horse drawn delivery truck, Europe 1960s

Photo of horse drawn delivery truck by Bill Hunter, early 1960s (see more photos by Bill Hunter).

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Decorated House in Nigeria Tue, 06 Apr 2021 16:22:45 +0000 decorated clay house in Nigeria

Photo of this decorated house in Nigeria (or maybe Niger) by Bill Hunter (see more photos by Bill Hunter).

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Wooden Crab Trap Wed, 24 Mar 2021 16:16:28 +0000 wooden crab trap on beach in maine

A wooden crab trap on a beach in Maine.

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VW Front Trunk Packed for Family Camping Trip Sat, 06 Mar 2021 16:41:04 +0000 VW with front trunk open and kid in front of a blue tent

Photo of me on a family camping trip with the front trunk of our VW opened and our tent in the background (photo by Bill Hunter).

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Building on the Side of a Hill in Costa Rica Sun, 31 Jan 2021 16:34:59 +0000 open building on side of a hill with several levels

An interesting building on my trip to Costa Rica. The top level was a restaurant.

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Old Man and Young Boy Fri, 02 Oct 2020 17:15:26 +0000 Old man and young child

Photo by Bill Hunter, taken in China, 1982. He was teaching summer courses on statistics and industrial engineering in China before China was still mostly closed to foreigners. After the courses he took a week or two vacation to visit a China few foreigners had seen to that point. See more photos of China in 1982.

See more photos by Bill Hunter.

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Unmade Stone Temple in Siem Reap Fri, 24 Jan 2020 16:10:02 +0000 Many stones laid out in the jungle that used to make a stone temple

When I was visiting Siem Reap there were numerous locations where work was going on to put temples back together. That included less know smaller temples but even Ta Prohm had quite a bit of stones being arranged to rebuild parts of the temple complex.

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Log on the Beach Sat, 10 Aug 2019 16:45:45 +0000 Log on beach

I took this photo on a beach in Maine while I was in High School. I was in Maine visiting colleges.

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Lake with Mountains in the Background Thu, 03 May 2018 16:55:41 +0000 Lake with mountains in the background on a sunny day with a few clouds in the sky

I took this photo while on my way from Dinosaur National Monument (Utah) to Mesa Verde National Park.

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